FURIN’s technology is even in use on Japanese submarines.

The environment on a submarine is an extreme one. A large number of people living together in close quarters with constantly recycled air leads to increased levels of carbon dioxide and mold growth. An additional source of stress for the sailors is body odor. Since they cannot bathe regularly, the substances put out by their bodies that cause bad odors, including ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, indole and skatole, have a negative impact on their health. Having cleared numerous demanding requirements, FURIN’s technology was adopted for use on submarines to deal with this challenge. FURIN is protecting the lives of submarine crews.

【 Places where FURIN is used 】
Homes, public buildings, schools, nursery schools, nursing homes, hospitals, hotel lobbies, hotel rooms, conference rooms, beauty salons, pet shops, pachinko parlors, restaurants, commercial aircraft cabins, passenger trains, automobiles, ship cabins.