The appeal of FURIN, a next-generation air purifier, lies in its design.

FURIN’s design was born in a “carrozzeria,” an Italian word that comes from “carrozza,” or “luxury carriage,” and refers to the workshops that manufactured and repaired them.
As the transition was made from carriages to automobiles, carrozzeira began manufacturing bodies for the latter.
The first automobile manufacturers produced only the engine and chassis, while the body that rode on top was made by carrozzeria. Their experienced artisans would design and build different designs to order for upper-class clients, even for the same model of car.

After automobile manufacturers started to mass-produce the entire vehicle, including the body, carrozzeria began to demonstrate their unique talents in a variety of automobile-related areas. Today this includes building “fuoriserie,” one-off bespoke models, sports models and even CG models for video games.

FURIN’s stylish body was hand-crafted by renowned carrozzeria designers and modelers. Its refined and beautiful exterior was designed in the same way as a fuoriserie.