1. Removes viruses and bacteria
A test performed by the Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science of FURIN’s ability to control airborne influenza viruses demonstrated that it removed more than 99.9% of the viruses in the air in just 15 minutes. A separate test by the Center using norovirus showed the same results: FURIN removed more than 99.9% of the airborne viruses within 15 minutes.
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Influenza Virus 

By emitting both negative ions (more than 13million per cc) and low concentration ozone (0.03 ppm, well below the work environment limit) the combined antibacterial and antivirus effect is ten times greater than when these two are used separately.
*This information has also been presented in research papers published by Mitsubishi Electric’s research laboratories

2. Controls PM 2.5 and dust
Negative ions cause allergens like dust mites, dust and pollen, which cling to carpets and flooring, to collect together and settle. This prevents them from becoming airborne again. Negative ions also work to reduce the concentration of other concerning particulates like PM 2.5 and tobacco smoke.

3. Deodorizes
Ozone deodorizes through a strong oxidizing effect that works at the molecular level to break down unpleasant organic odors from a variety of sources including the bathroom, mold, the human body, tobacco, and new building materials. It can also have an effect on removing odors that have penetrated deep into walls, ceilings, floors, curtains, cushions and other places. It even reduces airborne levels of toxic formaldehyde (formalin), a major cause of sick house syndrome, by decomposing it into oxygen and formic acid. The formic acid then oxidizes further to become carbonic acid. So not only does ozone deodorize, but it also helps to reduce indoor formaldehyde levels.

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