Next-generation Air Purifier

Compact, energy-efficient and with a beautifully styled body, the FURIN next-generation air purifier emits negative ions to powerfully remove viruses, bacteria, particulates and odors from the air in spaces of up to 50 m2 in size. When you get to know FURIN, it may just surprise you.

FURIN has no filters or fans.

It purifies the air in rooms and spaces powerfully with proprietary technology utilizing special electrodes that combine a series of slits and pipes to generate an enormous amount of ions, nearly 13million per cc, and a small amount of ozone (0.03 ppm).

The high concentration of negative ions put out by FURIN has a calming effect on the sympathetic nervous system, bringing balance to the autonomic nervous system. A variety of benefits can be obtained from this including restful sleep, reduced stress and lower blood pressure.

Since it utilizes direct-current discharge, FURIN emits almost no electromagnetic interference. There are no consumables to replace because it does not use filters or chemicals. Run continuously for a year, FURIN only uses about 1,000yen worth of electricity.